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Agile Open Europe 2008 retrospective

This week I visited the Agile Open Europe 2008 conference in Utrecht. Agile Open follows the concept of an Open Space conference and it was limited to 30 participants. After Citcon Europe 2007 this was my second open space conference and once again the concept really worked well. Within no time the schedule was filled with interesting and diverse session.

The participants were just as diverse and that made it special compared to other conferences. There were developers, project managers, product owners, consultants and people from various management positions, all involved in active discussions and exchange of experiences.

Geographically we didn’t quiet reach all of Europe – four people came from Belgium, one from Germany, one from India and the rest from the Netherlands. Harish from India, who is studying in Edinburgh (Scotland) used the occasion to interview some of us for his theses on Agile software development.

Click here to see a slideshow with some of my photo’s of Agile Open Europe 2008.

Upcoming conferences:
Agile 2008, 4 – 18 August, Toronto, Canada
XP Days Benelux 2008, November 20 – 21, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
CITCON Europe 2008, October 3 & 4, Amsterdam

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