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Email trends in August

After updating the user-agent utility library today, I analyzed the first week of August and compared it with the first week of July. I was curious about the impact of the of the recent iPhone introduction here in the Netherlands. One month since the sale of the 3G iPhone has started, the iPhone clearly is being used more often as mobile device to read email with. The decline of the other platforms could possibly also be explained by the vacation time, as business people probably read their email less frequently.

Next, I was looking at the usage of webmail clients like Hotmail and Gmail. About 17% of the email is being read online with a webmail client. Here Windows Live Hotmail is still dominating. Since Google’s Gmail was opened to the general public on April 1, 2004, it has gained a market share of 7.4%. Good old Yahoo Mail finished as 3rd with 6.2%.

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